We’re excited to offer our members Fitness On Demand! 

The perfect solution to accommodate your busy schedule, Fitness On Demand provides over four hundred high-definition workout classes with full theater sound – all at the push of a button. From kick-boxing to yoga, to dance and cycling courses from all over the world, you can experience the most diverse array of fitness classes in the area, all at your convenience.

Fitness On Demand™ is a market-leading delivery platform of virtual fitness... With programming and services designed to optimize space, streamline operations, and offer unparalleled variety, Fitness On Demand is the perfect addition to Millennium Family Fitness. 

Fitness On Demand classes are listed as “video” on the monthly Group Exercise Schedule!

Instructions for using Fitness On Demand at Millennium Family Fitness

*FOD located in Group Exercise Studio (Ground Floor) & Cycle Studio (Second Floor)

*Available before or after regularly scheduled classes

The TV must be on. Please do not unplug, turn off or change the TV input settings.

To select a class, first press home button on the iPad.

You can then search for a class by browsing through the selections shown or adding filters to find a class better suited for you.

To add filters, select the blue Filter button on the bottom of the screen. A list of applicable class selections will appear for you to choose from. You can then select the class you desire, then hit the arrow start button.

To see a list of classes scheduled throughout the day select the “Schedule” button. If there is a class scheduled, you will not be able to make a separate class selection after the scheduled class is finished.

Once you begin a class, you are not able to pause or start over. If you have chosen the wrong class or maybe that class isn’t fitting for you, you can choose the right class while the other is still playing. Once you find the right class, select it and hit play. It will then override the current class.

Please do not turn off the TV when finished. It will go back to the startup screen automatically.

Please do not unplug any cords or plug in your own personal device.