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Limited Time Offer

Join today and save with a one year commitment. $99 Initiation Fee waived! Join for only a one time processing fee and monthly dues for one year, then revert to 30 day notice.

July New Member Promotion

Join during the month of July and receive; Platinum members- $175 credit towards your account. Gold members- $125 credit towards account. Silver members- $75 credit towards account.

Membership Types

Individual Membership
One person 18 years of age or older.

Couple Membership
Two individuals cohabitating and being billed to one account. 

Family Membership
Couple and at least one child (or a parent and at least one child) under the age of 23 years, who resides in the same household and being billed to one account.

Senior Membership
65 years of age and older. Facility usage exclusive to 8am – 3pm daily.

Silver Sneakers Membership 65 year of age and older. Must have access to Silver Sneakers card before using Millennium Facilities. Access to fitness center, classes and more.

Junior Membership
17 years of age and under. Membership is required in order to participate in private lessons and services.


Initiation Fee: $99
Individual Processing Fee: $29
Couple Processing Fee: $39
Family Processing Fee: $49

Membership Packages

The highest level of membership with additional services and benefits such as an introduction to personal training and other special services.

The standard membership that includes basic usage of fitness and pool services.

A basic membership for usage of fitness services, excluding tennis and pool access.


Millennium offers senior oriented group classes along with social activities. Senior memberships are available to individuals and couples of at least 65 years of age. For senior memberships, facility usage is exclusive to 8am – 3pm daily.

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Offer expires June 30th, 2019.


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