Group Exercise Classes


Millennium Family Fitness has ongoing classes.  Please check back here for monthly updates!

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Millennium Class Descriptions


Group Cycling

A 1 hour cardio workout designed to burn calories, improve endurance and strength and enjoy the fun and camaraderie of riding together; riders can progress at ones’ own paces and can connect smart phone to cycling bike to track workout progress.


Group Cycling with Yoga

A 40 minute cycling class concluding with 20 minutes of yoga and stretching.



Burn and Firm

A 1 hour high energy class that combines cardio and strength training in an interval style format to burn fat and strengthen every major muscle group.


Tennis Aerobics

A 1 hour class that combines cardio exercises with tennis drills.


Super Sculpt

A 1 hour, low impact class that targets every major muscle group using a variety of equipment and body weight exercises.



A 1 hour class that blends flexibility and strength training to improve posture, reduce stress and creates long, lean muscles.


Muscle Barre

A 1 hour non impact class that combines the principles of ballet barre training with pilates mat work; class includes challenging isometric exercises and high repetitions that target the abs, arms, and lower body.



A 30 minute workout class that meets at the Gym Rax and utilizes multi-function equipment and accessories for a full body workout.


Yoga Flow

A 1 hour comprehensive workout that incorporates yoga and pilates, standing balance exercises, mat work and flowing stretches that will help you achieve a powerful core and increase flexibility.



A 1 hour class designed to stretch, practice breath control, meditate and practice specific body postures for flexibility and strength.



A 1 hour exhilarating, easy to follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning, cardio dance fitness class.


Senior Fitness

A 1 hour class designed for adults 65 and older to perform exercises and use exercise tools that improve muscular strength, endurance, range of motion, joint stability, flexibility, and balance.


Cardio Barre

A 1 hour, high energy, low impact workout that combines barre technique exercise with light weights to burn fat; a complete body workout using some ballet techniques and light weights resulting in a more sculpted and elongated physique.


Yoga for Sports

A 1 hour class designed to stretch, restore and mobilize your body for increased athletic performance in any sport to increase flexibility, balance, focus, breath capacity and strength for better performance, less soreness and reduced risk of injury.


Boot Camp

A 1 hour class that combines cardiovascular training, muscular strength and conditioning with athletic drills to ensure a total body workout; modifications will be shown to accommodate various fitness levels.